Stand Together by Choirs With Purpose Hi Res Album Cover

The album is out now!


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Release Dates

Our single We All Stand Together featuring Michelle McManus was released on Friday 24th November. It is the first song from the album Stand Together by Choirs With Purpose, released on 15th December.

Thank you Pledgers

Thanks to all our incredible supporters we have reached our crowdfunding target and some! You have been amazing! We are excited that now you can pre-order on Amazon and help ensure we make the Christmas charts, raise valuable funds for our 11 charities, and give the album as a lovely gift this Christmas.

Montage of Choirs With Purpose recordings


Ten choirs from across the UK have joined forces to create the compilation album 'Stand Together' for release Christmas 2017. Choirs with Purpose will also be releasing one epic single that brings together all voices from all ten choirs.

Solidarity through music

Despite the negative news that we seem to wake up to every morning, groups of people continue to come together every night of the week in living rooms, church halls, community centres, churches and school gymnasiums across the land to forge powerful communities of solidarity through music.

Our aim is to encapsulate the spirit of these choirs and produce some cracking songs while we are at it!

We hope that everyone will get behind the campaign and join our pop up choir and pre-order the album via Pledge Music.

James Hawkins, Music Producer