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Choirs With Purpose Workshop Glasgow 2019

A whole day workshop followed by an evening performance open to all singers!

Read the full details of the event here.

If you are booking for more than one person:

  • with different harmony parts, please add each ticket holder separately into your basket
  • with the same harmony part, you can increase the tickets required using the drop down box next to the Add to Basket button below.

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So that we an accurate register on the day, please give the name of each attendee.

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Choirs With Purpose Mug

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The mug will be ready for you when you arrive for the workshop day. Please bring your order confirmation email with you to collect your item.

Important information

All bookings are subject to our Terms and Conditions. If you have any queries that are not answered in our Frequently Asked Questions, please send an email to

Should you order a mug or t-shirt bundle, we will distribute your purchased item to you on the day of the workshop at our venue.

*All musical resources, both audio and scores, will be made available in good time before the workshops. Sharing these resources with any third parties is strictly prohibited. All resources are under copyright. Purchasing a ticket does not give you ownership of any copyrighted material. No reproduction or copying of musical arrangements is allowed.

Participants own shared rights in any sound recordings made on the workshop day only. By paying the participation fee Choirs With Purpose, all sound recording owners automatically agree to not use the recordings for future commercial or charity release, re-sale, sync licensing, broadcast, online playlisting or any other known or unknown form of direct commercial online sales.

Any mass duplication and transference of recordings to CD, Minidisc, vinyl, tape, video, USB drive, hard drives, or other known or unknown hard-copy/media is prohibited.

** Recordings that we may distribute to participants can be uploaded to Internet sites with MCPS clearance only, such as

All sound recording owners are only permitted to embed soundcloud links into any personal websites and are openly permitted to use recordings for promotional and display purposes only. Recordings must not be sold.

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Choirs With Purpose Workshop Glasgow 2019


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