Come & sing Choirs With Purpose Stand Together album with James Hawkins

All Day 'Come & Sing' Workshop

10am - 4pm

Evening Concert

Starts 7:30pm

Bank Holiday Monday 28th May 2018


Tickets £25



Hampton Hill Playhouse

90 High Street, Hampton, TW12 1NZ

Concert proceeds to charity


THANK YOU for joining us for a day celebrating our top 40 album, 'Stand Together'!

We sang a brilliant selection of songs of purpose and then performed as a pop-up choir to a live audience of the general public.
We'll be loading a gallery of photos from the day here shortly!



What to expect:

a fun, educational workshop led by our exceptional choir leader and music producer, James Hawkins. Jim will never let a day get dull! You will have a fabulous time, and a few laughs, whilst being rehearsed and refined ready for the concert

audio recordings, photos and video footage of the day

you'll learn six songs (you'll receive musical resources when you book your place to listen and practise with)

you'll perform an evening concert to our live audience alongside our special guests

you'll meet like-minded people, make new friends, or reconnect with old ones

you'll become a valuable member of our Choirs With Purpose community

Workshop Ticket £25

Come and sing workshop ticket

Workshop + T-Shirt £34.99

Come and sing workshop plus choirs with purpose t-shirt

Check out the new Choirs With Purpose t-shirt! Available in a full range of men's and women's sizes.

Workshop + Mug £32.50    

Come and sing workshop plus choirs with purpose mug

The much requested Choirs With Purpose mug is now available!

Choirs With Purpose Concert Ticket

Concert Ticket £5  

Avoid disappointment and buy your friends and family tickets to the evening concert of our Workshop 'Pop-up Choir' ahead of time. We will perform the songs we've learned and welcome special guest choirs too. All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the Choirs With Purpose charities.

Frequently asked questions

What is Choirs With Purpose

Choirs With Purpose is a project that began in 2017 to bring together 12 choirs who sing for a reason, whether it is to raise awareness of their charity or cause, or to join together in a special and supportive community when living through illness, loss or trauma. Singing is a wondrous, healing tonic, that creates bonds, makes memories and beautiful music!

Do I have to be involved with a charity to sing at the workshop?

No. All singers are welcome. (The proceeds of the concert will be donated to the official Choirs With Purpose charities.)


Do I have to be able to sing to join the workshop?

Yes, but we are not expecting everybody to have years of vocal training and music study! Jim's teaching is sensitive and encouraging to all abilities, and you will be made to feel welcome and included. The only expectation is that you try your best and come willing to learn. In a typical choir workshop and performance you will meet the following scenarios:

  • singing in small and large groups
  • singing a harmony part, which is not always the main melody
  • learning vocal techniques to improve the production of your sound
  • listening to lots of information and instruction, which can sometimes feel like keeping lots of plates spinning.

To manage a day workshop like this, you would be at an advantage if you can:

  • pitch a note (sing in harmony)
  • learn independently from the audio resources provided prior to the workshop, by listening and repeating what you hear
  • sing out and take direction as best you can from our choir director.
Do I have to be on the album to sing in the workshop and concert?


Do I need to read music?

It's not a requirement to read music, but on the other hand it's never been unhelpful if you do! You will receive music scores, lyric sheets and audio resources when you purchase your ticket and Jim will encourage you to use your score on the day as it aids navigation through the song. If there's anything on the scores that you don't understand, the workshop day will be the time and place to ask those questions - Jim does love his music theory!

Do I need to learn the songs in advance?

You will receive music scores, lyric sheets and audio resources when you purchase your ticket so that you can start to learn the songs before the workshop. We will learning six songs in a five hour workshop, and then go on to perform them in an evening concert, so the more confident you feel with the arrangements, the less intense the workshop day and concert will be for you. So, yes, we are encouraging people to spend time preparing.

Will we be able to practise as a group before the workshop?

There won’t be a separate group rehearsal ahead of the workshop. But you will be sent complete audio recordings of each song part, and the musical score as a guide, well in advance of the day for you to rehearse individually. (These will be released no later than one month beforehand or, if you book a place after that date, they will be available to download from your confirmation email immediately).

Will the concert be 'off book'?

It's always better to perform without the music score in your hands, but we are a realistic bunch at CWP, and appreciate that with one five hour workshop, six songs, and a mixed range of abilities and experience, it would be a tall order to expect everybody to sing the arrangements from memory. We like to make this decision on the day and will judge whether we sing with or without scores together. The basic principle is this: your confidence is more important to us than technical etiquette of a stage performance.

What time shall I arrive and where shall I go?

After booking your ticket, we will send you an itinerary of the Workshop session nearer the time. This will include specific instructions for arrival and meeting points etc.

Do I have to buy the album to come?

Every CD sale raises a mininum of £3 for the official CWP charities although it is not an expectation that you would buy or own one just because you're coming to the workshop.

What portion of the concert proceeds will go to charity?

100% of the concert tickets sold will be divided between the official CWP charities. Also any bucket collections on the night will also be donated. Plus, with every sale of a CD, a minimum of £3 goes to the charities, and we will have a merchandise stall to purchase CDs on the night as well.

When will we know how much we have raised for charity?

Shortly after the event, we will announce on our website and Facebook page how much we raise for the charities.

Is there a uniform for the concert?

Yes. We would like you to wear dark trousers or skirt with dark shoes. And we'd encourage you to wear a t-shirt with your charity's logo on the front. If you are not affiliated to a charity, we do have t-shirts available that you can buy or wear on stage. Otherwise, plain black will be the best choice of top. We encourage ladies to glam up for the concert and add sparkle to the occasion. Men need just smell great and look smart.

Will there be live musicians performing with us?

No. We will be performing to the pre-recorded album tracks, which do feature live musicians.

Is there disabled access?

Yes, we always look to cater for accessibility requirements, but it is best to contact us before booking, so that we can be 100% sure that the venue has the right provisions.

Can I use the music with my own choir?

Copyright in the musical arrangement prevents the public performance by any other groups aside from Choirs With Purpose. Please seek permissions by emailing to discuss the licensing and permissions should you wish to use the music elsewhere.

Can children attend the workshop?

The workshop isn't tailored specifically for children, but if they are keen and able then we would like you to contact us before booking to discuss. If your child is less than 16 years old they will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times throughout the day, and they can only attend the workshop. They will not be able to take part in the evening concert for legal reasons.

Can I bring non-singing guests to the workshop?

No. Unfortunately, we don't have the space to accommodate guests during the day, but they are more than welcome to buy a ticket and attend the evening concert.

Can I get a refund if I'm no longer able to attend the event?

In accordance with our Terms and Conditions of Booking refunds are only available, either if we cancel the event, or if you cancel your booking withing 14 days of placing an order. However, you are free to arrange for another person to take your place, and/or sell on your ticket if you need to. Please contact us to arrange this as we need to be sure that we have the new ticket holder details and that they have time to prepare too.

Can I take video or photos of the day on my phone or other device?

Yes, you can, but be polite and check with the people you're capturing to make sure they are happy. Plus please take note of the IMPORTANT INFORMATION section at the bottom of this page about how you may use this footage.

About the venue

  • Hampton Hill Theatre is fully accessible for wheelchairs. There is a spacious dressing room and back stage area and we will provide a secure room for bags and personal possessions throughout the day.
  • We suggest you make an arrangments for lunch and your evening meal in advance as it is bank holiday.
  • Car parking is available behind Sainsbury's and in Taylor Close and happily it is free on bank holidays. More information is available here.
  • Get here by bus on routes 285, R68 or R70 and alight at Parkside bus stop.
  • Or take a train to Fulwell station, then a 15 minute walk to the theatre.

Important information

If you have any queries that are not answered in our Frequently Asked Questions, please send an email to or call our box office line 0203 282 7897.

Workshop ticket sales close on 14th May 2018. 

Should you order a mug or t-shirt bundle, we will distribute your purchased item to you on the day of the workshop at our venue.

*All musical resources, both audio and scores, will be made available in good time before the workshop. Sharing these resources with any third parties is strictly prohibited. All resources are under copyright. Purchasing a ticket does not give you ownership of any copyrighted material. No reproduction or copying of musical arrangements is allowed.

Participants own shared rights in any sound recordings made on the workshop day only. By paying the participation fee to Choirs With Purpose, all sound recording owners automatically agree to not use the recordings for future commercial or charity release, re-sale, sync licensing, broadcast, online playlisting or any other known or unknown form of direct commercial online sales.

Any mass duplication and transference of recordings to CD, Minidisc, vinyl, tape, video, USB drive, hard drives, or other known or unknown hard-copy/media is prohibited.

** Recordings that we may distribute to participants can be uploaded to Internet sites with MCPS clearance only, such as

All sound recording owners are only permitted to embed soundcloud links into any personal websites and are openly permitted to use recordings for promotional and display purposes only. Recordings must not be sold.

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