The UK Hospices Choir

The UK Hospices Choir is made up of some 45 hospices - from Trinity Hospice in Blackpool to Longfield Hospice in Gloucestershire, and from Haven House Children’s Hospice in London to St Barnabas Hospice in Lincoln. Those involved include patients, relatives, staff and volunteers from care teams, fundraising teams and hospice shops.

The choir builds on the success of the London Hospices Choir in 2016 and its The Living Years single released at Christmas to raise awareness and vital funds for the hospices. The UK Hospices Choir has chosen to sing the Celine Dion ballad My Heart Will Go On.

“It’s exciting and a little daunting to be performing My Heart Will Go On but we’re committed to putting in the rehearsal time and having fun in the process. I know the lyrics will resonate with everyone, including the patients and families that hospices work with,” said Antonia Bunnin from Hospice UK which provided the initial backing for this choir.

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The 2016 single performed by the London Hospices Choir, with thanks to Royal Trinity Hospice and others.

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