Homelink Carers Choir

Homelink is a nurse-led day respite centre that cares for 140 local people each week, which enables 140 carers to have a much needed regular break from their caring role. Without the support of a carer these vulnerable people would not be able to cope in their daily lives. The clients who visit our centre for one day each week come to us with a range of disabilities, physical/mental illnesses and over two thirds of our clients have a diagnosis of dementia. Therefore it is vital that such carers receive this regular weekly break to have some time to recharge their batteries and have a break from what can be an exhausting and stressful daily routine. We have been described on many occasions by carers as ‘a lifeline’.

In addition to providing a weekly respite break, Homelink recognises the importance of further supporting carers by running regular support meetings, trainings and organising other activities for carers that encourage friendships, networking and interests away from their caring role. From this, the idea of the Homelink Carers Choir developed and the response for all involved has been nothing short of amazing. Our choir is made up of carers but also volunteers and long-term supporters of our charity. The feeling in the room when our choir comes together is priceless and for our carers especially, it provides complete escapism, a wonderful sense of well-being and time for them to have fun and ‘let go’. We were so thrilled to be approached to feature on the Stand Together CD. What a worthwhile project and what a positive message this will convey. The news is often so gloomy and life for carers is extremely tough but the Homelink Carers Choir makes everything feel just so much better for those few hours every time we meet.

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For more information on the Games Maker Choir go to www.homelinkdaycare.co.uk/.

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