Meme: Sing with your heart not your head and you will reach your audience, James Hawkins

About us

Triumph over adversity, hope over loss, and the power and spirit of community

In response to recent events which have threatened the peace and unity of our communities, twelve choirs ‘with purpose’ from across the UK are collaborating on a new crowd-funded charity album, which is all about hope in a time of uncertainty, division and conflict.

Our team has successfully raised funds through a crowd-funding campaign, recorded more than 1400 voices up and down the country in small and large groups, and is now preparing to launch the album on 15th December. You can pre-order it here on Amazon. The first single will be released on November 24th and is a unique take on Sir Paul McCartney's We All Stand Together, who very graciously has given his blessing and waived his royalties on the track.

As well as pre-ordering the album, 50 members of the public also pledged £50 to record their vocals, forming a ready-made “pop-up” choir, and they will sing the penultimate track on the album.

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Jim Hawkins Music Producer & Choirmaster


About James Hawkins Music

James Hawkins Music is a production house which specialises in delivering compelling music projects with purpose. They understand that music is marketing and offers the most powerful way to reach out to your audience.

James Hawkins Music are proud to have worked with The Missing People Choir (BGT Finalists 2017), The London Hospices Choir and Paul Carrack, Rick Astley, Carol Decker, Kerry Ellis, Nik Kershaw, Jodie Prenger, Lesley Garrett, Hayley Tammadon, G4, ESPN, ITV, BBC, Channel 5, Heart FM, The Military Wives, Rock Choir, The Games Maker Choir, The Rockabellas, Invictus Choir and Disney.